ARCS for GIS is an integration of Admiralty ARCS Charts with GIS platforms which include ArcGIS Desktop, ArcGIS Pro, MapInfo, GeoMedia, QGIS and custom web mapping through our APIs.

With over 3,000 charts in the series, ARCS provides extensive worldwide raster chart coverage in a comprehensive range of scales. When considering charts with enlargements and sub panels - all of which are cut out and geo-referenced there are over 6,000 chart elements that make up the service.

ARCS charts display the same imagery and symbols as traditional ADMIRALTY Standard Nautical CHarts (SNCs).

ARCS for GIS integrates ARCS charts into the popular GIS platforms used by our customers and can be used to unleash the power of nautical charts in assessing, analyzing and planning underwater operations.

ARCS for GIS provides the flexibility for our customers to integrated into their current software platforms.

ARCS for GIS is available as a hosted solution which delivers nautical charts based upon OGC WMS requests to your preferred GIS platform. For offline mode, it can also be delivered locally without the hosted solution.

ARCS for GIS for QGIS is compatible with 3.10 or later versions.

Supported Platforms

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