Data Development & Management

Pisys Marine has over two decades of experience in providing data creation and management services.

Our data management services ranges from geospatial data capture, conversion and processing to integration, maintenance and update.

We provide these services using disparate sources like paper maps, pre-existing digital data through customers, field collected information, and from other 3rd party sources like Hydrographic offices, Ordnance Survey, TomTom across varied digital formats for use by technology agnostic systems ranging from proprietory to open sources.

We start with a consultancy approach to fully understand the client's business needs which are then translated into technology driven workflows. We also undertake services to migrate legacy data into and for use by modern systems and delivery channels.

We offer customized solutions to our customers with value added services, such as creating Map Databases in popular raster and vector formats along with hosting the data on our cloud for delivery to various GIS platforms.

We have expertise in consolidating data available from multiple sources, formats or locations into a single comprehensive geospatial database, while maintaining the look and feel of the datasets.

We offer the following benefits through our data development and management services:-

  • Improves productivity and efficiency
  • Reduction in migration efforts and operating costs
  • Easier to meet data protection laws and requirements
  • Enable better use of customer's data for targeted business compaigns
A Pisys Marine analyst could help by providing unique, tailored insight for your company
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